Dr. Peterson has training and experience in the evaluation of adolescents and adults regarding an array of forensic concerns. In addition, she has served as an expert witness in local and supreme courts across New York and Pennsylvania, and has provided evaluations for Family Court and the Department of Probation.  

Peterson Psychological Services, PLLC is accepting referrals of forensic cases and/or testimony across New York and Pennsylvania. 

Some examples of potential referral issues are included below; however, please do not consider the list exhaustive.


Sexual and/or Violence Risk assessments
Sexual Violent Predator (SVP) evaluations
Competency evaluations (including individuals with intellectual disabilities)

  • Competency to Stand Trial
  • Competency to Plea
  • Competency to represent oneself

Criminal Responsibility evaluations

  • Mental Status at Time of Offense

Guardianship evaluations
Capacity to consent to sexual relations evaluations
Mental Health/Diagnostic evaluations

  •           Pre-Sentence/Pre-Dispositional evaluations
  •           Feigning/malingering assessment
  •           Psychopathy
  •           Differential Diagnosis (i.e., Does your client have a mental health condition?)


Juvenile Homicide
Child Sexual Abuse
Eye Witness Testimony
Sexual or violence risk assessment
Psychological research/conditions
Other topics as requested

Trial consulting
Review of psychological evaluations, preparation for cross-examination of psychology experts, etc.

Supervision and Consultation
Clinical supervision and consultation services for other mental health professionals, as needed.